Monday, December 19, 2011

Facebook Business Pages: 7 Signs That You Don’t “Get It”
I see it every day. Business owners and non-profit executives KNOW they need to use social media. So they do… and they start with the obvious first choice… Facebook. Good decision… but then it goes downhill from there.

I regularly review and analyze “Facebook Business Pages” and see the same common mistakes made over and over again. That old adage “If you’re going to do something, do it right… or don’t do it at all” is SO applicable to the use of social media. If you’re using social media and you’re not using it right, you can be doing more harm than good to your business, organization, brand, and reputation.

It’s prompted me to put together a list of seven telltale signs that you don’t understand the “What”, “Why”, and “How” when it comes to your “Facebook Business Page”. Don’t get me wrong… there are certainly more than just seven… however, these seven are the most obvious.

  1. Incorrect or Inappropriate “Name” or Title
    The “Name” or title of your Facebook business page is one of the most critical elements of a successful Facebook business page. Naming your page correctly involves understanding people’s search habits and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others analyze Facebook business pages in order to rank them in search results.
    So… now for some “Bad News/Worse News”. The bad news? An incorrect “Name” or title will do irreversible damage making it impossible for your Facebook business page to ever be found in the search engines. The worse news? After 100 people have chosen to “Like” your Facebook Business Page you can no longer change the “Name”.
  1. No “Username” (also referred to as a “Vanity URL) or the “Username” you’ve chosen is incorrect or inappropriate

    Facebook allows you to create a “Username” otherwise known as a “Vanity URL”. This means you have an opportunity to change your Facebook URL from a complex “” to a simpler “".
    It’s important to note that you can only create your “Vanity URL” after 25 people have chosen to “Like” your page. Facebook did this intentionally to prevent name squatting as was done with domain names in the early days. It’s even MORE IMPORTANT to note that once you choose your “Vanity URL” you CAN’T change it again… so getting it right the first time is critical!
    For the same reasons as mentioned in the first point, selecting the right “Vanity URL” is critical. Again… an understanding of people’s search habits and SEO is important in selecting the right “Vanity URL”.
  1. Not filling out all of the fields available in the “Info” section

    You’ll find a variety of additional fields under the “Basic Information” section of your Facebook business page. Depending on the type of page you’ve selected, along with the category, your “Basic Information” fields will vary. How you fill these out can help provide your followers and new visitors with critical pieces of information about you and your business. Again… an understanding of people’s search habits and SEO will help you select the proper verbiage to place in some of these fields.
  1. Posts and Interactions are few and far between

    The last thing anyone wants to see is a Facebook business page where the last post was five days ago… and the one before that was two weeks ago… and the next one on the list was a month before that. This can give followers and new visitors the impression that you’re inconstant and that you don’t “follow through”.
  1. Automating your posts 
    I get it. Efficiency in business is important… however, using social media automation tools such as “”, “SocialOomph”, “TweetDeck”, “Hootsuite” to post for you can send the wrong message to followers and visitors to your page. It’s cold, impersonal, and can say “I’m lazy” or “I like to take shortcuts”. Finding the right balance can be challenging. You need to be “personal” and engaging. Think about those oh-so-personal automated phone calls you get from political candidates when there’s an upcoming election. It’s the same thing.
  1. Posts are nothing more than advertising and promotion
    Let me as a question. Are you going to go home after a hard day at work… sit in your favorite chair… grab the remote control and look for the “All Commercials! All Day! 24×7 Commercials!” channel? I’m guessing not. The same goes with social media. Using Facebook to do nothing but advertise will help you lose followers quickly.
    Social Media is about “networking”… building relationships and trust. Social media is about being “engaging”. Share news stories… sports stories… human interest stories… interesting photos… funny things… sad things… etc… Get people to interact with you via your posts.
  1. Not using “Apps” and creating additional “Tabs”

    There are an abundance of “Apps” which allow you to do some pretty incredible things with your Facebook business page. The absence of these on your Facebook Business Page is a sure sign that you don’t “get it”. ”Apps” can be used for “Landing Pages”, to integrate your YouTube channel, Twitter account, Blogs, RSS feeds and more. There are apps for contests, sweepstakes, polls, and any number of things which can help in creating an engaging Facebook business page.

    Which ones are good? Which ones aren’t? A little guidance can go a long way in making sure you spin your wheels and waste your valuable time trying to determine that yourself.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article… there are plenty more signs. People are becoming more and more savvy every day. First impressions will make or break you, your business, or your organization… and as we all know… negative first impressions are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to overcome.

What do people see when they visit your Facebook business page? What level of professionalism, comfort, and trust do they come away with after visiting your page? It’ll mean the difference between success and failure where your social media efforts are concerned.

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